Internet Faxing System: Facts and Features

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The concept of Internet faxing has brought about the endless possibilities people can do with the Internet. It is made possible in order to allow someone to send facsimile documents through the web. In this case, telephone network is no longer necessary. Aside from this, an online fax service has other benefits that include:
• The communication is done paperless therefore the document is integrated with the e-mail system.
• It is also possible to send a number of documents at the same time. Receiving multiple documents simultaneously is also possible.
• There are no more skyrocketing phone service bills.
• The origin of documents is no longer an issue as they can be transmitted from anywhere in the world.
A considerable amount of savings in communication costs can be achieved via Internet fax service. The savings can further increase the savings when frequent exchange of faxes is done between two different countries. A fixed fee for the Internet connection is the only expense that is incurred in this type of activity. It is likewise important to see that the other parties or the receiving parties make use of a compatible fax system to ensure easy processing and transmission of documents.

Basically, the faxing method begins when the hardcopy is being converted to a PDF data and then attached to a specific e-mail that is in the format called MIME. Data is then sent through the TCP going to any Internet fax. And since TCP are used for the transmission of online fax service, costs on long-distance sending is not charged. Another advantage is also the fact that the reception itself is verifiable.
At present, many people prefer to send documents online because of the convenience, less waiting period and easy verification procedure. Above all, it is way cheaper than traditional faxes.

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