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Phone cards are usually in a form of credit card used for making long-distance telephone calls at very cheap rates. Phone cards are also known as calling cards. Before you buy a phone card you must check the variety of phone cards available in market.

Prepaid Phone Card
A prepaid phone card is a card that has a predetermined number of minutes. These minutes depend on the cost of the minutes that you bought and the amount that you paid for the card. The cards can also be used with any type of phone - home phone, mobile phone and pay phone.

Credit Phone Card
This is also known as the post paid phone cards. You will have the freedom to make any call without worrying that you will run out of minutes. On a regular basis, usually monthly, you will receive your bill.

Rechargeable Phone Cards
If your minutes are already used up, you have the option to recharge additional minutes in your card. Rechargeable cards can also be found in your nearest stores

Virtual Phone Cards
When you purchased a card in the Internet and you only get necessary information like PIN and access numbers, you get the so-called virtual calling card. The information is sent through mail.

To buy a calling card one can search on various websites and compare rates. While searching just remember the duration for which you need to talk every time you make a call. Cheap International calling cards have made international calls simpler and efficient by providing a comparison between various calling cards.

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