Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty, Which One Do You Choose?

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Today I am going to write a real story of my best friends, Christina’s love story with her husband. Their story make me motivate very much and his figure in Red Herve Leger Bandage dresses leave deep impression in my mind. Really a love story related to the choice of inner beauty or outer beauty.

Five years ago, Christina was still study at Oxford University and she always went to the library to borrow books. She spend little time online shopping or entertainment, so she always got the scholarship in our department. But one day she met a boy on the internet, and they communicate with each other by emails. The boy seems fits her taste well, and they appreciate with each other very much. Naturally, a romantic story mudded.

Later on, the boy request seeing her via video, but Christina rejected him. She said if you really appreciate my heart, you will never mind my appearance. And the boy agreed with her, they keep contact and net love for more than 2 years. It looks incredible in this world, but it does happen to Christina. May be she thought, they must deepen their love, so she request a dating in the most lively street of London. Their sign is a white lily in Christina’s hands.

When the boy waiting on the spot they have dated, he saw a young girl wearing sexy red Herve Leger Dresses, her was slender and with buttock. So great to see her, he really wanted to follow her. How he wished that was the girl he loves. He really appreciated the girl beauty. But he is still there, waiting for his girl. But to his surprise, he saw a middle-aged woman handing a white lily, just before him. What could he do?

With a moment of hesitation, he walked towards the woman, and said: “Are you ChristinaCould you please have a drink with me?” The woman smiled, and said, I think my daughter have already made the wisest choice. I am Christina’s mother, and she is the girl in the red Herve Leger dresses you have just seen a moment ago. Now she is waiting for you in the KFC down this street.

That was the whole story of Christina, both of them have calm character, and they think more of inner beauty than outer beauty. So they gains happiness. And people’s passion towards outer beauty decreases easily when the lovers live together day and night. Outer beauty is great, but it is easy to fade, and can not keep for a long time.

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