Indian women in artworks

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When it comes to the discussion of Indian women then an image of a beautiful lady wearing a sari and red dot on the forehead comes in mind. Surveys say that the Indian women are the most respected women of the world. Indian women have always been epitomized by their sober nature, attractive looks, sari and the Red Dot. Over the centuries, the Indian women have been stayed on the list of preferences of the painters and artists of all over the world. The artists have always been desired to capture the perfect image of an Indian woman in their canvas or portrait.

As discussed earlier, Indian women are primary portrayed with Sari and Red Dot, both of these elements have established Indian women to a distinguish position in the global arena. In India, one of the earliest depictions of the Indian women can be seen in the Ajanta mural. From the Ajanta caves the historians have found lots of beautiful, graceful and proportionate depictions of Indian women in various poses. As per the experts, the tendency of the artists was to represent the country's women as the embodiments of fertility and if studied properly then you will find that those paintings are made accordingly.

The trend of depicting women in painting continues to the medieval times as well. In the Rajasthani miniature and Radha Krishna paintings the depictions of Indian women are seen. In all those paintings women were usually represented as consorts and lovers and they were depicted as independent figures. Among all the paintings where Indian women were depicted, portraits of Meera Bai, who was as a Bhakti Cult Poetess, is the most popular ones.

Among all the Indian artists who have depicted Indian women in painting, Raja Ravi Verma is the eminent one. He has single handedly revolutionized the conventional Indian way of perceiving women. The artworks he made were quite closer to the western realistic schools of art and therefore those artworks found huge admirers in the western art circles.

In the present time, there are several Indian painters and artists who depict the beauty of Indian women in their paintings. These paintings could be the perfect elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residential or office. Now, availing such painting is no more a subject to worry about, just visit online you and you will find several online art galleries that deal with lots of Indian paintings where women are portrayed.

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