India A Home of Unique Folk and Tribal Artwork

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Indian art majorly involves Folk and Tribal Artworks. Such form of artworks talks about the distinctive cultural beauty and describe the diversity. Since India homes around 600 communities it has been the source of some magnificent rare tribal art-pieces.
The unique talent and the flair of Indian artists has been recognized and appreciated by art lovers round the world; that is why Indian Contemporary art, modern contemporary art as well as traditional art have known to fetch millions at international auctions. Leaving aside the regular contemporary art as well as modern contemporary art, the folk art of India has been known to be very unique and interesting with distinguished charismatic identity. Magnificent example of such could be Kalighat Pats. Kalighat Pats was known to be created by the rural folk of Kalighat in Bengal. It displays the legend of regular life and often includes humor. Pithora paintings of the Rathwa tribes, Nayka of Gujarat and M.P are other examples. Madhubani paintings are other significant tribal artworks, they talk about lively deities mainly Krishna and Radha.

Since folk and tribal art has so proved its importance in the life of the population it becomes important to consider folk and tribal art as an important fraction of Indian art. Tribal and folk art usually is limited and unique to the section of population; the same is closely knit to the nativity and clearly exhibit lifestyle as well as culture of the specific location. In contrast to the contemporary art as well as modern contemporary art, tribal art are more inclined towards spiritualism. They might talk about the complete belief system, religious legends and Puranic gods and many times include scenes from fairs and festivals. Mysticism has functioned as a major subject line for Folk and Tribal Art in India; spiritualism as well as Indian religion has fascinated people round the world and has strongly influenced the artists here as well. Art has been deployed for centuries as an instrument to express the happiness and the celebration spirit.

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