Impressionist Movement and Monet

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What is good painting? This may be quite debatable. Impressional paintings now are accepted by people and there are lots of good impressional paintings, but actually impressional paintings was not considered to be good painting in 19th century. The art world has always had its rules. Oil paintings which appreciated and those were accepted for display by the snobby Paris Academy were considered good art during many periods. This rule didnít change until the late 19th century Impressionist movement and Claude Monet paintings created change in the art world that affects what we see today.

In most history, artists were hired to paint somethig specific, such as a painting or a literature by rich society. In order to get paid and appreciated, their artworks however were often too perfect which showing the patron in the best possible light. A upper middle class was growing and becoming richer by the Industrial Revolution,and they were buying paintings like this. "Good" paintings were shown in the Salon, and a painter who wanted to make a living needed access there.

Certain concepts were agreed upon that made a painting good in the mid-1800s, before Impressionism. It used color for emotional effect. It had to have carefully blended colors to hide brush strokes. It had to be tasteful. Then along came Claude Monet and his Impressionist paintings, the very opposite of these ideas. Impressionism uses realistic color, purposely visible brush strokes, all different kinds of scenes. Impressionist painting has no heavy lines, no coloring book effects. Instead, the objects tend to blur into one another.

In this case, Impressionist paintings were not accepted were not allowed in the Salon. Monet was one singled out to be particularly denigrated by critics. They think Impressionist painting was sloppy, unfinished. They didnít agree with the purpose of Impressionism which aims to give the viewer a fleeting glimpse, an impression, of a moment in time.

Although impression sunrise is the piece led to the name of the impressionist movement, Monet actually is more famous for his water lilies. In order to study the light effects, he paint objects over and over again at different times and different seasons. And finally Claude Monet win over the critics and is regarged one of the best artists in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Although the definition of good painting is still debatable, but impressionist paintings paved the way for many ideas and techniques that used today. supply top quality oil painting reproductions of Claude Monet and other impressionist paintings, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in those good paintings.

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