Importance of a Raw Food Detox Diet

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When looking into doing a raw food detox, you are already aware of the great importance of raw foods; not just in a detox diet, but on a regular basis. Alkalizing wild edible plants such as spinach, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli and wheat grass are some of the more prominent and popular additions to raw food detox diets. A raw food detox diet will help restore immunity, energy, memory, stamina and digestion. Vitamins and minerals are also a crucial component of these particular detox diets and require them for the detoxification process. Calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphor, sodium, iron and zinc are among the vanguard of beneficial minerals, with calcium being extra crucial to the detoxification process. This is why adding vegetable juice and alkalizing super foods to a detox diet is so indispensable.

Natural detox is the best way to affect the highest level of detoxifying power in the body. It is also important that you scrub your fruits and veggies well, even if they came from a true organic grower. This is because you want to remove any dirt or substances not a part of the organic structure of the food item itself. This includes airborne pollutants, dirt, excrement, molds or fungi, etc. Purity is the name of the game with this detox diet program. Preferably, one should have the most natural, organic items possible in any of their detox diets, but if this can't be done, then scrubbing them thoroughly at least suffices to clean the surface of the fruit or vegetable. Check your local supermarket or farmers market for the freshest produce that is regionally available.

The side effects experienced when on a raw food detox diet will include the feeling of the toxins leaving the cells and body. This can result in symptoms which can make you feel very ill. This is temporary, and it is important to allow yourself to go through the entire detox process, knowing that your body is simply performing the elimination process. The end result of the natural and raw detox diet is a much healthier body. You may have cravings for the very types of bad foods which you are trying to eliminate, and this is akin to someone who has quit smoking craving tobacco. The body will crave the toxins out of habit but you must not give in. You will feel fatigued, likely, and you may be quite irritable. Stay focused on the end result and the struggle will be worth it.

Frank Shepard is a prominent voice and writer about natural, healthy options of body detox and detox diet recipes.

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