Identifying a good Fertility Clinic from a mediocre one in Cyprus

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It may seem inconsequential, but it helps to be able to spot the better clinic of the two that you are confused between. Talking from a European perspective, one Cyprus fertility clinic may charge higher than the other or one may boast of doctors that received their medical degrees from esteemed universities. But these criteria do not indulge us in what makes for a good fertility clinic and one that helps attain closure to all our fertility woes.

The Fertility Expert

Carefully nudge the concerned doctor at the Cyprus fertility clinic on a one on one basis to share with you his educational background and his or her experience in the field. Little to no experience in fertility treatments is not a very assuring factor to go by so start looking elsewhere. A personal tete-te-tete with the surgeon or fertility expert will help you judge a doctor’s personality and establish an equation of trust and comfort which is essential in the personal & intimidating process that one has to undergo at the clinic.


Fertility experts may not always be an all round specialist in fertility solutions, rather a specialist who focuses in certain forms of treatments. Consider the scenario as ‘Jack of all trades, King of None’. Wouldn’t you rather invest your trust, time and money on a ‘king’ or a ‘jack’? If the Cyprus fertility clinic is offering a specialist in the genre of ailment or treatment that you are looking at receiving then you have most likely found the right clinic. Such experts are more knowledge and armed to offer you the best solution while executing a thorough research in context to your problem.

Use of Updated Technology

Use of advanced technologies and latest research discoveries can work wonders for certain case files. If the Cyprus Fertility clinic you’re contemplating on addresses this particular aspect of medicinal solutions then that there is an additional bonus for you. Take a tour around the clinic to inspect the equipments used and the atmosphere instilled. If the equipments seem outdated, very traditional or slightly non-functional, take it as a sign of an unreliable or unkempt clinic and walk out. Raise any doubts that pique your curiosity and don’t be afraid to voice it at the fertility clinic. After all you will be investing a lot of money in hope of receiving quality and effective treatment at the Cyprus fertility clinic.

Your keywords to a fertility issue well addressed are Quality and Experience.

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