How to Make Your Own Face Painting Designs

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To a lot of face painters, the thought of making your own face painting designs might seem a little intimidating, but it's really not. In this article, we're going to talk not only about how to make your own designs but also how to preserve your designs for future use. If you're a face painter, or want to learn face painting, read on, and you'll find out how to release your creative powers painting faces!

Get Creative!

The first thing we need to do is to release your inner Picasso! One thing you need to think about is who your audience is. Are they little kids at face painting parties, or are they hulking Florida State fans? So, when you start to think creatively, begin by considering who you're going to be painting.

Personally, my experience is with children. So, I'm going to stick with that idea. Although everything I'm telling you will work for six foot four football wanna be's too!

What I do when I get stuck with the same old designs is start looking at kid's websites, especially clothes websites and toy websites. I did this recently and I was struck by how I had never in my life thought of painting a fire truck! Little boys love fire trucks! So, I painting a small version on my own face in the mirror (usually what I do when I'm experimenting), and got the overall look and feel right.

The next weekend, I was working a small face painting party. I painting a big red fire truck on a cute little guy's face. Guess what? All of the little boys wanted one.

I did the same thing with little girls, when I was looking at some kids' books at the local book store. I realized that little girls like rainbow colored ponies and also clouds. The pony took a little work, but the clouds were no-brainers!

Record Your Designs

If you're just painting faces for your own child's birthday party, then you only have to do this once a year. Knowing a bunch of designs is that that important. However, I do this as a part time occupation, so I get tired of cup cakes all the time. To keep my mental juices flowing, and also to keep me interested in face painting, I've started taking digital photos of my new designs. I print these out on my color printer and put them in sheet protectors in a little notebook. Whenever I go to a job, I take a look at my portfolio and refresh my memory. (The portfolio also helps get jobs, but that's a subject for another article!)

To learn more about face painting for beginners, take a look at Lee's blog, Face Painting Help.

Lee Richards is an artist, and health enthusiast. For great ideas about face painting take a look at her blog, Face Painting Help, today!

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