How To Keep Moisture Locked In Your Skin

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Your skin can easily lose moisture when you are exposed to external elements. The cold wind and the ultraviolet rays of the sun can quickly strip away lipids as well. Losing inherent skin moisture is one way of speeding up the aging process of the integumentary system.

Keeping your skin hydrated should be at the top of your priority. This way, you can maintain the youthful functions of your skin. Here are some of the best tips in locking moisture in your skin:

1. Use your moisturizer immediately after bathing.

If you want to maximize the potency of your moisturizing product, you should use it while your skin is still slightly damp from your bath. Damp skin has better absorption powers. Pat your skin dry and apply your moisturizer. Use a circular motion when applying.

2. Choose a good moisturizer.

When you are buying, make sure the product you are using can really do its work in locking moisture in and keeping your dermis hydrated for a longer period of time. You would want to look for effective emollient ingredients such as CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame and Manuka Honey.

CynergyTK is more than just an ordinary ingredient. This ingredient infuses functional keratin to the skin. Keratin is vital for the production of collagen and elastin. This will keep your skin strong and supple for a longer period of time.

Phytessence Wakame is a type of sea kelp that can prevent the fast loss of hyaluronic acid. You should preserve healthy levels of this acid as this is responsible for effective collagen lubrication.

Manuka honey has humectant properties that can easily adhere to skin functions. It mimics the moisture-retaining properties of the skin so it can really prolong hydration in dermis tissues.

3. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks.

Caffeine might give you the extra energy you need but this can actually constrict blood vessels. In doing so, the fluid you are ingesting cannot be distributed properly to the vital organs. Drink more water to replenish lost liquid.

4. Increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin E.

Avocado is a great source of this Vitamin. There are also other fruits and vegetables loaded with this vitamin. This is needed to coat skin cells and ward off the harmful free radicals that attack skin cells.

Update your skin care regimen wisely. Make sure you are using treatments that can really prevent deep skin dryness. Keep your skin dewy and healthy all the time.


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