How To Give Your Skin A Sun-Kissed Glow

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If you love the look of a tan or bronze skin, you have plenty of options for getting this look for yourself. Medical experts warn that spending time in the sun is dangerous, so if you have concerns about lying in the sun and achieving a tan look from the sun, there are still ways for you to get the skin tone you want without exposing yourself to potential danger. Tanning lotions are a safe way to turn your skin the healthy shade of bronze you want. A tanning lotion can help you look healthier, thinner and more attractive. It will look as if you have spent time outdoors exercising, gardening or just relaxing on the beach. This is the look celebrities have on the red carpet, as well as everyone you know who is happy and healthy and pleased with their appearance.

Another option is to try a spray tan. This is similar to the creams, but a machine applies the tan materials while you are standing. It can be a way to achieve consistent color and the products used are just as safe as the creams. The main differences between creams and spray tans are the price and the level of convenience. Spray tan is usually done at a salon, whereas creams can be used in your own home. A spray tan is also more expensive than a cream, since you are getting a professional service and a large machine is needed for the application.

A popular option that might not be as safe as creams and spray applications is the tan bed. Lying in a bed for a few minutes can give you a nice, healthy glow. It is a popular practice for people who are headed to a tropical destination and do not want to arrive pasty and white, risking a serious natural burn. It is possible to burn in a bed, though, and many sun experts believe the beds are even more dangerous than exposure to natural sunlight.

Natural sunlight is another option to achieve a tan. It is the oldest method and the reason why people have invented creams, sprays and tan beds to begin with. People want the fastest, safest way to tan and natural sunlight is not it. However, there are still plenty of people who spend time on the beach working on their tans in this manner.

There is ongoing debate over the safety of achieving tan skin. Most people agree that creams and natural products used in spray tans are harmless and an effective way to get the look you want. Beds are normally considered a danger by everyone except those who use them and those who sell the service. Medical experts argue about how dangerous natural sunlight can be. Ultimately, you need to decide what is right for you. If done in moderation, there is a good chance all of the methods are safe, but if you have concerns, opt for creams and spray tans instead of the other choices.


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