How to Fill in Eyebrows

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A person’s eye is one of the important focal points in a face and while applying makeup, most women will highlight her eyes the most. One important part of eye makeup, or to put broadly, a part of any daily makeup that is often forgotten or overlooked is the eyebrow makeup. But as makeup expert Bobbi Brown, in his book “Beauty Rules” points out, your eyebrows need to be filled in if you want your look to be picture perfect.

Some of us are born with thin eyebrows while others have thinned it by using tweezers; sometime some of us has even overdone this thinning is quest of that perfect eyebrow that will so enhance our looks! Filling the eyebrows is important; but we have to learn how to fill in eyebrows the right way and with right instruments so that only the best result is seen on your face. Here is the information of how to fill in eyebrows properly that you can do at home:

First of all, you will need some instruments to fill in eyebrows perfectly. The list starts with a good mirror, then a brow pencil, brow powder and brow brush. Last of all, you will need a light hold hairspray.

As for the process, first sit down in front of you mirror. See to it that the area is well lit and you can see yourself clearly on the mirror. Now smooth the eyebrows in the hair-growth’s natural pattern. Use your fingers for this job.

If you have sparse areas in your eyebrow, fill them with a brow pencil. Use short and small strokes for this and stroke in the direction of eyebrow’s hair growth. Do not create a definitive line; but several small lines that mime the actual appearance of eyebrow hair. Do the same for the other eyebrow.
In the next step of how to fill in eyebrows, dip the tips of your brow brush into your brow powder. Now brush with it across your eyebrow hair. Remember to brush it in the direction of your eyebrow’s hair growth. For best result, use sweeping long strokes from the innermost tip of the brow to the outermost tip. Follow the same procedure while brushing your other eyebrow.

To make sure that the hairs of the eyebrow retain their color and stay in shape all through the day, spray it with a small amount of light hold hairspray. Do not spray directly on to the eyebrow which will hurt your eyes; instead spray it on your index finger and use the finger to coat your eyebrows with the light hairspray. Do the same to your other eyebrows next. These are the steps of how to fill in eyebrows that you should know about.

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