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Hair care has always been about improving the appearance of hair by cleaning, conditioning, colouring, or styling, and today a combination of science and marketing has brought about hundreds of companies offering a vast range of hair products, to solve every possible hair care need.

Soap and water has been used for many years to keep hair clean, but over the last 100 years hair products and hair treatments especially designed to clean and condition hair, and these products of course are known in modern times as shampoo, and conditioners.

Lets wind back to as early as 4000 B.C. when Egyptians made combs out of dried fish bones, also mixed water with citrus juice to make shampoo, furthermore animal fats and plant oils were applied to their hair for conditioning. As far back as 1500 B.C. the hair of Kings and other nobles was curled with heated iron bars, ouch!

Sticks and clay were used as early versions of curlers, and setting gel. Hair colouring came about in Cleopatra’s time, these dyes were created from boiled walnuts and leeks, and it was in the 1300’s when European women conditioned their hair with dead lizards boiled in olive oil.

The most appealing locks were described by Machiavelli both master theoretician and master practitioner of conspiracy in the 1400’s, and it was that women should wear their hair “loose and blond, sometimes the colour of gold, at other times honey, shiny as the rays of the sun, wavy, thick and long, scattered in long curls, and fluttering on the shoulders”. Hairstyles and colour change with the wind, having said that, everything moves in circles, and the styles and colours of yesteryear do seem to come around periodically.

Not only women, but men as well are obsessed with well groomed hair, how to care for their locks, and of course keeping up with trends and fashion, people around the world spend a fortune on shampoos, conditioners, deep cleansing hair treatments, hair straighteners, and of course hair colour, we never seem to be satisfied with how our hair looks, and feels, and yet it was only in the 1970’s that shampoo use became prevalent.

A spokesman for Fabriah, offering professional hair products online says “hair is a very personal thing, and people have favourite hair products they use, there have never been so many excellent products and electrical appliances on the market, to suit all hair types, lengths, and styles”.

Over the years how things have changed in the world of hair products and hair management, and a good job to, after all who wants to boil a dead lizard in olive oil and use as a hair product.

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