How Free Tips to Cure Baldness Can Help You Get a Healthy Head of Hair

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There are many free tips to cure baldness that can be found online and in offline magazines. Hair loss is a sensitive issue as it affects people both emotionally and socially. Many people struggle to cope with baldness and this is especially the case as younger people are now affected too.

Firstly, you should examine the reason that you are losing hair. There are primarily two reasons that people lose hair. One is baldness whereby people lose hair gradually. Males normally present with a hairline that recedes from the center of the forehead. Eventually a bald spot will appear and start to migrate towards the back of the head. Females on the other hand will lose hair evenly and an increase speed of hair loss will indicate baldness in a woman.

This baldness usually happens very late in life but has also known to happen in puberty. Then there is the situation whereby hair loss is extremely rapid. Whole clumps of hair start to fall out of the head. Here there is an underlying cause for the hair loss. These causes could be thyroid problems, medicine or hormonal problems.

Advice regarding how to avoid or prevent hair loss starts with eating the right food types. It has been said that green tea will assist in growing the hair follicles. Sesame seeds eaten in the morning will give the body the nourishment it needs to retain hair. The reason for this is that there is about 1200 mg of magnesium and calcium in sesame seeds.

Looking after and treating your hair well is another good idea. Do not use hair products that contain powerful chemicals. Baby shampoo is your best bet, however do not shampoo more than once per day. Lather the shampoo in mildly and dry your hair gently with the towel after washing your hair.

Massaging your head gently with two to three drops of vegetable or essential oil rejuvenates the pores of your hair. Leave the oil on throughout the night or for at least two to three hours. Wrap the head in plastic and cover the plastic with a warm towel. This simulates hot oil therapy that you pay an arm and leg for in the hair salon.

Topical solutions will do for a temporary solution. There are products available on the market that helps with hair restoration after you have lost hair due to alopecia or other conditions.

These free tips to cure baldness are a good starting point. It would be prudent however to explore all the available options out there to get the best results.


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