How 0845 Numbers Can Instantly Improve Your Business

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0845 numbers work well in helping a business improve all its telephone interconnections. An 0845 number works with your existing landline.

Since these new numbers are so convenient for all parties, it encourages more interactions between the business, its customers, and vendors about products and services. Naturally, this increases sales revenue. They also encourage more customer service calls, resulting in higher customer retention because complaints about defective merchandise, delivery problems, or billing errors are effectively handled.

The business simply pays a one time fee, followed by a monthly rental fee. Generally, the cost for the set up is 5 + VAT and the cost for the monthly fee is also 5 + VAT.

Here are some of the benefits of getting 0845 numbers:

* It works with existing telephone lines, mobile phones and PBX systems. It can be used with VOIP numbers and Skype, as well as with fax and email services.

* It diverts calls made to your office landline to your mobile phone for those times when you are out on the field or if you want to receive calls after working hours.

* Calls can be made without additional charges from anywhere in the UK.

* While the technology is new, it is promoted by established companies. In fact, many companies offering 0845 numbers have been in the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years.

* The service can be set up quickly. Most companies can have you up and running within an hour. If any changes need to be made, they can be done with a quick phone call or by visiting the provider's website.

Ultimately, by setting up a flexible 0845 numbers calling system for your business, it will never miss a call. This means much more efficiency in business operations, a higher level of connectivity between the company and customers, and between a company and its staff and outside suppliers and business partners.

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