Hindi News-Threatened by English

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Hindi is widely spoken in Indian subcontinent in various tones and dialects. People in northern part of India are known more inclined to this language. Southern states have their own languages. Language was the basis of physical boundaries to make southern states after India achieved its Independence. Languages might divide India physically (in terms of boundaries) but they unite by mode of news. As Hindi news targets Hindi prevalent areas, local and state languages attract their audiences. If considered comparatively, Hindi would always stand out from the long queue of language and dialects. So North Indians (left with no other option except English of course) like all news in Hindi for example Kerala news, Tamil Nadu News, Maharashtra News or West Bengal News in Hindi. North Indian News is no issue to worry as we get UP news, Bihar News or Chhattisgarh News in Hindi along with remaining others.

Local languages are changes with every village and town before independence in India. A need was felt for one language to make one nation and thus Hindi was nurtured more. Hindi being royal language of then existing kingdoms was the main reason for Hindi to reach such stature in post Independence era. Coming back to present time, Hindi is now no more than what it seem. Hindi news is losing its brilliance because English has started acquiring Hindi terrain.

The trend is more evident in Metro cities. English has yet to gain such stature in non-metro cities and towns and villages but if impact remains the way it is now, it will not need too much time to accomplish the task. west bengal news in hindi or Chhattisgarh News in Hindi is of no consequence in the whole act of competition between news to be presented in Hindi and English.

The biases designed by politics are more facilitating in burgeoning of English than just disagreement on language or comfort. People are willing to accept a foreign language to communicate but not sacrifice their bias against Hindi. Hindi news about any topic may be welcomed to few particular states but even their number is dwindling gradually just like any endangered specie. The pace with which Hindi is disappearing would soon put a need of an act of preservation of language. Then West Bengal News in Hindi or Chhattisgarh News in Hindi would come in English letters but Hindi words as in movies. Now times have become such that this idea does not sound out of place. Only awareness can overcome the threat nothing else.

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