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India with its legacy of more than one language as national language holds no grudge against even foreign language. Hindi the most spoken language in India extends the same welcome to all other language that can have their presence in it. Arabic, Portuguese, Urdu, English are to name a few. Being this widespread, Hindi has ability to move masses. Political Parties often has become weapon of attack and conquer. Hindi news thus serves very special purposes as to invoke responses people never knew exist in them. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Uttaranchal and Jharkhand are among prominent Hindi Speaking states. This makes Uttar Pradesh News in Hindi is very consequential to all the village and towns it can speak to. One can easily imagine what Cricket news in Hindi could stir in Hindi speaking regions with the already attained crazed state for the sport.

Language is more than a mode for communication in present times. One tends to give a hand out to reach some unknown world and many hands reach out to hold in return. This is more than give and take of ideas. English is serving as global bonding blurring lines of cultures and nationalities. On national front, Hindi News has taken over this job. People, who deny knowing Hindi under the impression of division created by states’ languages, seek refuge in it. The act is done out of necessity than inclination but language is made to unite after all.

When people went in search of souls working on similar quest there was only one thing that helped them and that was language. Uttar Pradesh news and Cricket news in Hindi are just exemplifying in support of the argument. One may wonder how but watching closely can be help. We care about a place we live making state our first preference. Then there is Cricket we are talking about with respect to Indians. When these issues are reported in local language they are meant to make an impact and a difference in ways only imaginable.

Speaking of impact and difference, one must never make issue of a language itself as some evil mind tends to compel others. We have many burning affairs that need our attention and being biased in not going to help in any way to deal with them. Hindi News can be our one guide. Picking on cues given by world and State affairs as in Uttar Pradesh news empowered by our own language can come very handy to make our place better.

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