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The joke's content (meaning) is not what provokes the laugh, it just makes the salience of the joke and provokes a smile. HindiJokes Hindi Jokes are typically for the entertainment of friends and onlookers. The desired response is generally laughter; when this does not happen the joke is said to have "fallen flat". However hindi jokes have other purposes and functions, common to comedy/ humour /satire in general .A hindi joke is a question, short story ,or depiction of a situation made with the intent of being humorous .I n to days fast paced and stressful lifes ,it is important to seek some sort of entertainment or stress buster. jokes are an easy way of reliving Stress. One of them Hindi jokes site which is helpful to reliving stress. Visit this site and entertainment of our self. Jokes often depend on the humor of the unexpected, the mildly taboo (which can include the distasteful or socially improper), or playing off stereotypes and other cultural beliefs. Many jokes fit into more than one category. Funny jokes gives people a great way to channelize life's negativity and turn it into something that is constructive and bring positive approach to life. It uses your pain as the basis of humor, your cynics as your wits, and it uses them as punch lines. Funny jokes provide you with a constructive use of your lies and frustrations. It brings a sense of release that prevents all the negativity from setting up inside you. In many ways, funny jokes make life more bearable and worth smiling. Funny shero shayari not only help people smile while relieving them of their numerous stresses and strains but actually help individuals recover their health by improving their moods and general outlook towards life. Funny shero shayari is an excellent way of sharing joy and laughter with your loved ones, be it parties or get-togethers or whether you are enjoying a tranquil moment alone in your favorite spot at home.

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