Helping Your Loved One From a Distance

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There may be a time in your life when your parent requires Parker elder care. They may have an illness, need companionship, or require assistance with everyday routine activities. You may simply feel better with a Parker home care aide watching over them. Whatever your reason for hiring a health aide Parker based, this is likely something you will want to be involved in.

However, this involvement may be easier said than done. Your loved one may reside in Colorado, with no desire to move. You may be halfway across the country with kids and a career to attend to. Luckily, distance does not mean you canít help your loved one adapt to Parker home care. In fact, there are many things you can do to help them assimilate to home care in Parker, no matter where you are.

If you are far from Parker home health care but still want to be involved, consider doing the following:

Call Regularly: A great way to stay involved with your loved one, and their home care Parker based companion, is to call regularly. Schedule a day and time when you will call each week and be sure to stick to it. Use this time to speak to your loved one as well as ask the home health aide Parker based any questions you may have. This is also a good time to have the home care Parker aide address any concerns you may have (and vice versa).

Visit Often: Just because you live far away doesnít mean you canít visit. You may want to coordinate a few times a year with your Parker elder care aide on a weekend or holiday where you can visit. Chances are, your loved one canít wait to see you.

Use Technology: With the advancement of the internet, email, and webcams, there is no excuse for losing touch with those you care about. Use the internet to show your loved one how much you love them. Have the Parker home health aide set up a webcam or Skype account and communicate with your parent as often as you can.

Be Active in Their Health: From a distance, you can be active in the health of your loved one. Ask your Parker elder care aide for email addresses and phone numbers of your parentís doctors and specialists and form a relationship with them. It is very possible to be an advocate even from afar.

Send Gifts: Everything from a handmade card to a movie you know your parent likes can brighten up the day. Consider coordinating with your Parker home care aide and try sending something, even a little something, to your loved one regularly.

Communicate With Your Parker Home Care Aide: Your Parker home care aide is an invaluable source of information to you. They can tell you when your parent is doing well and when they are hurting. Communicating with your Parker home care aide is often the number one way to find out when your loved one needs you.

Susan Slobac writes about trends in Parker home care & Parker elder care.

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