Having Babies Is Sometimes Difficult For Some Couples

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It is perhaps one of those inalienable rights for each and every one of us to experience the joys of having our own child. Of course, things do go wrong for some and they strive for years to do something which is absolutely natural for most of us. When this happens, it is usually the time when couples start to look into getting help from clinics which specialize in the subject. For those who have this interest, try looking for 'IVF Ontario' or 'infertility Ontario' online to get some idea of what is available locally.

The basic premise is that the egg, produced by the woman, must meet the sperm, produced by the man, for fertilization to take place. If something gets in the way of this that is when the problems really begin. Couples who attend these clinics are put through a whole phalanx of tests to see which, if any one of them is to blame for the hold up.

The male is usually the easiest one to start with since males have very few problems. He will be checked out health wise and then asked to provide a sperm sample which will be analyzed. A sperm count is done to make sure that there are enough live sperm to work with then the sperm themselves are checked to see if they are live and not swimming in circles. Some may have irregular tails which means that they veer to one side or the other and this will result in no insemination taking place.

Once all this has been done and nothing untoward found, it is now time to take a look at the woman. This is a different case altogether since there are many things which can go wrong with the female anatomy. For example, scarring on the fallopian tubes may prevent an egg reaching the womb so this is probably the first place that the clinic will look. Also, the woman may not be producing the egg every month so she may need some hormone treatment to stimulate production.

The tubes can sometimes be cleared with an operation and this may be all that is necessary to give the couple what they need. If this does not succeed, the woman will be given concentrated hormone treatment to ensure that she produces more eggs than she needs. Once these are harvested, and this is quite a long procedure considering that she will take hormones for some time, they will be fertilized artificially in the laboratory.

When fertilization takes place, and the clinic usually uses multiple eggs, some are implanted back into the woman while the others are frozen for future use. If the pregnancy starts, then the couples are usually monitored throughout the pregnancy to make sure that nothing else goes wrong.

This kind of treatment has been very successful in the past, but it can be rather expensive. Therefore, it is a good idea to check out the clinics before opting for one or the other to ensure success as much as possible.


Stewart Wrighter has been researchingIVF Hamilton Ontario options in order to write an article on the subject for a major news magazine. His sister searched the terminfertility Hamilton Ontario to find a clinic in her area.

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