Hair Transplant -most effective in treating loss of hair that occurs at the top of the head

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Advanced techniques of surgical Hair Transplant can replace the lost hair and reshape the hairline. This is done using your own hair, which grows naturally and permanently. The Hair Transplant can be washed, trimmed and styled as one wants. The standard surgical procedure is ‘Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation’.
The follicular unit is a physiological entity and consists of one, two, three or four hair growing in a cluster. The hair growth is better when the follicular unit is kept intact during transplantation.
Hair Transplant is a very safe surgical procedure. There is usually little or no discomfort in the grafted area. Most patients feel some “tightness” in the donor area for 1–2 days and a mild analgesic will help cope with this. Patients may be asked to sleep in a semi-upright position for 2–3 days following the procedure to minimize swelling and bruising.

Small crusts may form on each graft, and these can usually be camouflaged by any existing hair that can be combed over the recipient area, or with camouflage products such as HAIROUSE or Toppik. These crusts will flake-off by 5–14 days after the surgery, the smaller follicular unit scabs often falling off at 4–6 days and the multi-follicular unit scabs taking longer. The transplanted hair seen growing out of the scalp may initially be shed; however, the roots remain and will be dormant for 10–14 weeks, at which time the new hairs will begin to grow.

Hair Transplant surgery is based on the principle of ‘Donor Dominance’. Hair at the back and sides of the scalp continue to grow throughout the life a person. These hairs are resistant to the hormonal influence. When the Hair Transplant to the bald area, it continues to grow naturally.
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