Gray Hair Epidemic: 200% Increase in Untimely Greying in Females Under 30

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For women, going gray is usually associated with old age...

...So why is there all of a sudden an epidemic of women in their 20s starting to go gray?

According to a John Frieda analysis posted by the Daily Mail , nearly 33 percent of UK ladies less than the age of 30 are starting to succumb to gray hairs - a shocking rise from just 18 percent only two decades back. Although there have been scarce instances when young ladies begin to go gray as early as in their teenage years, for scientists and researchers, this new epidemic in twenty-something women with graying hair indicates to a deeper knowledge of why some people develop a silver hue earlier than other folks.

The Daily Mail posting notes that virtually two-thirds of the females in Frieda's research attributed to their gray hair towards the stresses of every day contemporary life. The haircare manufacturer was so awed by their findings that they right away produced an acronym to sum up one-third of British young ladies: GHOSTS - Gray Haired Over Stressed Twenty Somethings. In an interview with the Daily Mail, one GHOST revealed why she thinks stress is behind her new silver strands:

" ' Being self-employed is stressful - you never know when the next job is coming in, and when I am working there's a lot of time pressure...This last year has been busy and the amount of [gray] in my hair has progressed rapidly too...I can't help but think there's some connection between stress and [gray] hair.' "

Report author Claire Coleman notes that this gray hair epidemic is particularly worrying for women. While men who embrace the salt-and-pepper physical appearance are observed as knowledgeable leaders, the appearance of gray hair on a woman is often summed up in a single word: Grandmotherly. Without a doubt, one of our recent articles touched upon the battle young ladies continually face with going gray inside a culture that obsesses with everlasting youth.

So what specifically is stress's role within this graying hair epidemic?

When we suffer higher stages of stress - say from working overtime at a new job or grappling with student loan bills - our bodies go into overtime to generate more hydrogen peroxide, which ends up accumulating within our hair follicles. This sudden accumulation of hydrogen peroxide breaks down the enzymes who're responsible for preserving our hair follicles healthy (MSRA and MSRB), which in turn causes melanocyte death. The hydrogen peroxide is then totally free to bleach our hair follicles, leading to the silver strands that just about every twenty-something dreads seeing.

Despite the fact that the connection between stress and gray hair isn't precisely new, the Daily Mail article certainly brings up fascinating questions. For instance, why are twenty-something young ladies specifically going gray sooner? Are young ladies far more susceptible to stress? Do they seek out far more stressful jobs during the prime of their 20s? Are men experiencing a identical epidemic of becoming gray?

With these inquiries in mind, its fundamental to be aware that there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of gray hair reversal merchandise - and the solution is perfect for both the busy twenty-something women along with the middle-aged man. Soon we will look to Grey Defence/a> to slow, stop or reverse the signs of graying hair.

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