Going Green – A Necessary Shift

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With the rapid rate of industrialisation that is currently occurring on a global scale a large number of scientists and ordinary citizens are extremely concerned about the state of the atmosphere. It is fairly common knowledge that the chief culprits for the harmful gasses that are being generated are none other than massive corporations dealing with manufacturing processes.

A host of environmental groups and organisations have sprung up in order to campaign for this issue and bring it to light. Due to this many organisations have been pressured in to curbing back their harmful activities though in many instances it is simply not enough.
Of course let’s not forget the ordinary citizen as well whose automobile can add to global warming as well. But then what about businesses that deal with automobiles? Well they too are of course adversely affected by such trends. The courier industry is for instance one such field where such emissions cannot be ignored due to the nature of the industry. The potential for creating a negative brand perception and resulting feedback can easily become a reality.

But while the previously mentioned businesses are being forced to take positive action there are numerous organisations that are taking a proactive stance on the issue by implementing changes themselves. So what exactly are some of the solutions that can be implemented?

Cycle couriers are one of the simples and effective green ways of delivering packages. A main strength of this method is the fact that it is ideal for deliveries that don’t span large distances especially in cities where one way systems can force cars and other vehicles to get to a destination. It is somewhat of a step back to older times when the postman would be the person to deliver all messages and parcels.

Electric Vans have been somewhat unsuccessful for industries requiring heavier loads but this travel option has become somewhat of a hit in the courier industry. The reason for this is the relatively lighter load being carried by a courier company and the distances involved are generally shorter than those in a heavy freight scenario. It is for these reasons that electric vans have become more applicable for couriers.

Special freight trains are yet another method that can be utilized to reduce not only emissions but also costs. These trains are run exclusively for the purpose of carrying freight and do so on a large scale basis. Costs benefits can also be enjoyed due to the fact that couriers need only pick up and drop the parcels from the train to their respective destinations.

If you’re an environmentally conscious individual then remember to consider the eco friendliness of your courier when planning on making your parcel delivery. When choosing a courier Australia potential customers will find there are a wide variety of couriers but that only some are eco friendly.

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