Getting a Cheap Toll Free Number

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It is a fact that more and more business enterprises are beginning to appreciate the worth of a toll free number and how it can serve as an effective marketing weapon to broaden the customer base and boost sales. As a result, the clamor for a cheap toll free number has increased - though many businesses are still asking the question how to obtain a cheap toll free number.

Do your research on the Internet and identify a reliable and yet economical toll free service provider. Some providers charge flat rates while others bill you only for the minutes used. Do your cost-benefit analysis and pick the best package.

Never feel hesitant or shy when negotiating the terms with a service provider. Toll free service providers face fierce competition and you will therefore be able to get a cheap deal with attractive features such as voicemail, call waiting, and caller ID - if only you bargain.

Be clear in your mind which features you would want and do not overbuy features you will never use and needlessly keep paying more. Many people just want a toll free number and nothing more. For these users, a simple plan with perhaps only a voicemail option should suffice.

Please know that 800 prefix was for long used for toll numbers and when the demand for toll free numbers mounted, fresh prefixes like 888, 877 and 866 came into being. So, keep in mind that the 855 prefix has been recently released and is a great choice for those seeking out cheap 800 numbers.

Another secret method for getting cheap 800 numbers is number monitoring and back order services. Once a toll free number is discounted, the number goes into a pool and holding queue for 4 months for aging. You can utilize the reservation services to track and grab the best of these cheap 800 numbers as soon as they become available.

If you want to be doubly sure of getting a cheap 800 number and also knowing whether the company you select is the right one, avail a free trial period that many providers now offer. This way, you can also decide if your business really needs a toll free number or you can do without one.

After you have selected the service provider and chosen your number, make sure to read the terms of agreement that appear in fine print. This is essential because some providers may offer toll free number cheap but then charge you heavily towards set up fees, cancellation charges and minimum usage fees. Scrutinize your first few bills and make sure your billing rate is what you had originally agreed upon.

Having a cheap 800 number can certainly give your business a competitive edge and enlarge your customer base. Mentioning a toll free number will elicit lot more response to your trade ads and surveys suggest there will be 30 percent increase in customer response if you offer a toll free number. Again, by using a toll free number, you can target the national market rather than just your region.

You should understand the benefits you will derive by having a toll free number and even if the toll free number you get is not cheap, it should at least be cost-effective and by using a toll free number your customer response should shoot up.

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