Get a Longer, Thicker, and Darker Lashes

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Interested in looking their best, but do not know where to start? You might want to check their lashes. In many cultures, long eyelashes seen as a symbol of beauty and femininity, and revered as a statement of beauty for thousands of years.

How many beauty expert assistance, the eyes really are windows of the soul and the first something that everyone looks when they see their face. And if your lashes Will not pop or your eyes. So, why is it so important to your eyelids, and how you can help them look very best?

First, I think your lashes around the eyes, a sham. When they are long, thick and curled, they are well formulated in his eyes and give an elegant wall that draws the viewer (or potential suitor) in the center of your eyes. However, they still serve an important function, which can be help explain our attraction to them unconscious.

Physiologically, eyelashes protect our eyes from dust and other particles, and thus a long, healthy Lash could potentially suggest that they protect the eye is then good for them, too. And so It is understood that one explanation of why we are attracted to people with long eyelashes, that we see them as potentially healthy mate, which will eventually be a good provider. Does this song Are you crazy? He could, as long as you believe, a subtle clues on a daily basis to attract us to each other. Many these clues unconsciously draw us into us knowing exactly why people who do not. This makes sense for us to have a long, full lashes are a symbol of beauty, but we really do not understand the reason.

Again, duplicate genes are known to be a strong pull factor, and if some aspect of another person to show that they are healthy and suitable mate, then it makes sense that we would be attracted to that person. So, if you're like most women (or men, that the matter), you were probably born with lashes that could Maintain a slight improvement. However, all products on the market that actually works which ones do not? To answer this question, we need to look at the two product types --- those who only condition your eyelashes and, indeed, they grow up.

The first category of products (laser-conditioned) is currently the majority of products over the counter. And although many of them claim to be able to grow lashes, they really no. What they are doing is just conditioning your lashes and so they feel more healthy much the same way that a good shampoo and conditioner, you can improve the overall appearance of your hair (without actually doing anything to promote its growth). These products are often different Combinations of oils, vitamins, etc., and can potentially improve the overall appearance of your lashes. However, they do not have active substances that ultimately grow your eyelashes.

Another category is the one product that everyone says ... but most are not. And it is category of products that are actually effective in increasing the eyelashes. And from them, probably the best Latisse known product. How Latisse actually help improve your eyelashes and are there any it for the hype?

For many years, ophthalmologists have begun to notice that the patients (men and women) who were treated with a prostaglandin analogue (PA) products not only improves the Glaucoma glaucoma, but they also show a dramatic positive changes in their appearance lashes. And one thing led to another and eventually met a group of Allegan Doctors PA to assess their medication (Lumigan) is growing eyelashes and assess the safety profile. The much the same way that they inadvertently stumbled upon the Botox cosmetic, they with Lumigan. And what a team of researchers has found that not only was Lumigan very effective in improving, length, thickness, and the dark, but it also did so with very high safety profile and very few side effects. From this study and others, Latisse has been postulated to improve the appearance of lashes effectively increase your lashes a good time their growth phase. And when the eyebrow thinning hair, women, the product has been anecdotally touted as an effective consolidation of this area as well.

But even well-constructed study documenting the safety Latisse, there was still problems. And the biggest potential for iris pigmentation. Question number one, that my patient once asked me, 'Is this the change the color of my eyes? " And the simple answer Probably not. Although there have been some scattered reports of iris color change in patients receiving Lumigan, keep in mind that a drop was delivered directly into your eyes and not 20 times The highest dose Latisse. And appeared in only a few eye color, change color hazel speckled variety that is most prevalent. Having said that, as a national speaker and Latisse Allergan recently Latisse Panel member, I have not heard of any reports of iris changes using the product.

If we believe your eyes to the aesthetic landmark of the face, then a long time the importance of thick, dark lashes healthy suddenly becomes obvious. And now that we have a way of significantly strengthen our eyes to look absolutely no downtime, no pain, and minimal fret.
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