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In BlueGiant Interactive received and tested at the same time a little uppity way - they took and repainted equipment and units in the ash-yellow color, stylized existing buildings are no longer under the unique "But we built it all from the fact that it was" designed and gameplay in the full accordance with the setting. Now you will know whether it helped APOX become interactive formulation based on the "Mad Max".


Film with a young Mel Gibson we remember for quite objective reasons. Game designers, have studied the overall style and environment of APOX , mostly inspired by this particular painting. At least we have the same impression. It is noticeable and redesigned for the needs of thugs serial sports car and a police vehicle and ordinary soldiers, clad in typical expected rags leatherette motorcycle helmets and the most incredible shapes, sizes and colors. Similar in many respects and the basic tenets of the universe. In particular - the fight for energy and ammunition. Significant difference in the art direkshene - the sky. In "Max" is blue and almost always clear, but here - traditionally leaded and gray.

APOX first is very easy to praise for what she did not like the others. BlueGiant Interactive during the development called it a conceptual cross between a familiar strategy and shooter. The most important thing is that there is on the action, - a hurricane dynamics and transience held parties.

Sit down for this game - is like a hack to death his beloved Bad Company 2 , or Black Ops : if the card is not too large, the outcome of the duel is known very soon. On this works as a strategic component. As well as the overriding principle, which states that originally all the buildings and equipment are tied - they can at any time to seize the representatives of the opposing team.

And in APOX indecent much attention is paid to the soldiers - they do all this and more. No soldier inside will not work one station for the extraction of energy resources, no one item of repair techniques, none of the mini-hospital. Even for the functioning of the local equivalent barracks is urgently needed at least a half-dead and a lone warrior. Defensive turrets will not shoot unless they are planted by the observer, and the construction of facilities is faster when the process can connect multiple volunteers.

The whole system is the capture of buildings and equipment for both strategies, so much the better for action games is not new. But in a post-apocalyptic game with raiders, looting and peregryzaniyami sip the last flask of water becomes perhaps the most obvious meaning and implication.

With APOX Worth Knowing all those waiting on the strategy genre of new experiences and emotions. A successful blend of RTS and the brick-busting action in a post-apocalyptic setting, inspired by the movie trilogy "Mad Max" - not the worst thing in the world for a description of the project budget came from India. Formula proposed BlueGiant Interactive , was surprisingly efficient. Large companies must take its notice.

Pros: A well-balanced strategic system, a good blend of RTS and shooter, a lot of pleasant and unusual for games of this genre innovations.

Cons: Budget; lousy soundtrack, the lack of a full story campaign.

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