Game Review - God Of War: Chain Of Olympus

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Are you wondering what happened between the time when Kratos got fed up with being told by the gods what to do every time, until he was given the power to destroy all his enemies, then God of War: Chain of Olympus may be able to answer all your questions, and quench your thirst for action-packed games.

This game answers most of the question for previous releases of the God of War series, but if you are not interested to know what happened to Kratos during those times, this game still offers tons of action and adventure for hardcore gamers and God of War fans. God of War started with PS2 and is considered as one of the best games ever released. You will be shocked if you heard that all these mind-blowing actions and high definition graphics are placed into a hand-held console called PSP.

The improved specifications of the PSP helped the developers of Ready at Dawn to shrink this game and place inside the PSP. This hand-held console has an amazing processing power of 333MHz, which is quite impressive for a hand-held game console. The previous release of PSP is not capable of this powerful processing power because the game developers prefer to save the power of the battery instead of having higher defined games. The PSP can handle God of War: Chain of Olympus even without extra power, but the game would look rubbish. Ready at Dawn wanted the game to be flawless and that is the reason why they prefer to use the 333MHz capability of the PSP.

God of War: Chain of Olympus starts with Kratos being sent by gods to stop the Persian invasion in Attica. After this scene, there are so much more in store for hardcore gamers, twists, and action-packed adventure that will surely blow your mind. You will see how Kratos finds out that the Persian invasion has something more than just a mere invasion in Attica.

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