Fundamentals of Art and Design

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What is art?
This question has enamoured artists through the ages. How could it be circumscribed in a definition frame? This matter has brought many veteran scholars to ponder on the matter. Consequently, many expert persons belong to the concern domain tried their best to define it according to their perception.

Plato says: “it is an imitation of an imitation of what is already a photocopy”.
Aristotle say: “art is an imitation with beautification”.
James Joyce says: “Art is the human disposition of sensible or intelligible matter for an aesthetic end.”
T.S. Eliot says: “Art is the escape from personality.” and
“Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.”

Controversial Issues
So from the first phase to the last, everybody tried to define it according to their conception and perception. Sometimes, it turned into a controversial issue. For Plato defined: “art is an imitation of an imitation of what is already a photocopy”. But if such thing happens, we can say monkey is an artist for he can imitate man making no mistakes. That is why, at the later age, we accepted the definition by Aristotle when he said: “art is an imitation with beautification”.

But the matter never stands here. It moves on a long way. With the changing pace of time the necessity of some changes were required for it had lacked the touch of life. Actually, former definitions support the concept: “Art for art's sake”.
Consequently, poets belong to the modern age try to frame it with the touch of life. They define it saying “art is an imitation of life”. That it should support and have a touch of life to a great extent.

What is design?
Similarly, there are verities of opinion regarding design.
Cast your glance on them:
“Design is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every object or system.”
“Design is that area of human experience, skill and knowledge which is concerned with man’s ability to mould his environment to suit his material and spiritual needs.”
“Design is essentially a rational, logical, sequential process intended to solve problems”.

What are the basic differences between them?
1. Art inspires. Design motivates.
2. Art is a taste. Design is an opinion.

3. Art is an interpretation. Design is an understanding.
4. Art is a talent. Design is a Skill.
5. Same art sends a different message to everyone. Same design sends the same message to everyone.

As a consequence to make art and design more purposeful of life, at the last phase of 21st century, we have had web design: an amalgamation of both. It covers design on websites with a touch of art. More artistic knowledge with more skilful website design attains much attention. So, many website design companies have blended both of them to arrest more traffic to their Websites.

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