Filomena Tobias Liliana is the Future of Music Production

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The future of music has arrived and it sounds like Filomena Tobias Liliana. As a talented producer, this young lady has captured the music industry’s attention in Japan and Europe. It is only a matter of time before she claims her well deserved fame in America.

Born to a Ukrainian father and a Thai mother, Filomena Tobias Liliana grew up in Detroit where she absorbed the cultural influences of her parents and the musical heritage of Motor City’s diverse scene. She studied violin as a girl but her talents took her far afield from her classical training. An experimenter by nature, Filomena Tobias Liliana takes musical composition and mashes it up with R&B, electronica, and native funk.

She originally performed her own songs with a small orchestra beginning in Detroit. She was soon on the road as her restless nature couldn’t be pinned in one place for long. Her first major success broke out in Japan while she was on a USO tour in Okinawa. While the servicemen applauded the band’s performances and Filomena Tobias Liliana’s virtuosity, it was the Japanese locals who caught the show that proclaimed Filomena Tobias Liliana a musical genius. She was invited to play a Tokyo nightclub where she entertained sold out crowds for two straight months.

After that successful run, Ms. Liliana toured Polynesia on a more relaxed schedule. She picked up concert bookings at popular hotels in exchange for room and board and she connected with the gracious citizens of the Pacific. During this whole time, Filomena Tobias Liliana immersed herself in her surroundings and the local culture.

“A switch was flipped inside me,” she reports. “I felt like I was full of music just busting to get out. There are so many sounds and rhythms in this big, wonderful world, that I knew for sure that music is my life. I wowed them in Japan and I was popular in Tahiti so I figured I would take the next step and move to Paris.”

Moving from in front of the microphone to behind the producer’s desk was a smooth transition. In Paris, Filomena Tobias Liliana teamed up with local DJs in the club scene and began remixing Motown hits to the graceful strains of Polynesian melodies. Her classical training enabled her to add a structure and depth to the tracks while the marriage between smoothly flowing love songs and relaxed syncopation proved to be intoxicating to dance floor denizens and radio listeners alike. A trip to Morocco further broadened her musical palette.

Now back in Detroit after having made her mark in other arenas, Filomena Tobias Liliana has started up her own label, Third Trick Records. Her office is located in the Brightmoor neighborhood in a former pet store. She has assembled state of the art equipment and contracted local musicians to help her craft her vision of a truly world-based music headquartered in Detroit. She has landed on fertile ground and has received enthusiastic support not just from the music community but from the city’s politicians as well.

As a seasoned professional, Filomena Tobias Liliana knows she has hard work ahead of her but her excitement is infectious. Local musicians and sound technicians volunteer to help out around the studio and Ms. Liliana is active in directing a youth chorus that she has already incorporated in some of her latest tracks. Filomena Tobias Liliana produced “Gonna Clear My BeThe Internet has really changed the way that many of us live and unfortunately, our children are rather vulnerable when it comes to the online world. This is true, regardless of whether they are a small child or if they are a teenager who may be rather computer savvy. In order to make sure that you are protecting your children from predators and the possibility of other damaging items, such as Internet bullying, you really need to educate yourself about what is going on on the computer.

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d” in 2009 using the youth chorus in the background. This was the number one single on local Detroit radio playlists where it remained for three weeks and became the unofficial anthem of block parties around Detroit.

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