Film Synopsis: The Cable Guy Starring Jim Carrey & Matthew Broderick

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There is something powerful about being the Cable Guy (Jim Carrey) that provides him with a certain confidence. Not only does he get invited into the homes of many he also can grant his favorite customers with free premium channels. When Steven Kovacs (Matthew Broderick) calls to get his new house set up with cable service Stevens friend Rick (Jack Black) convinces him to test the waters and see if he can get the free movie channels. As is standard in the cable industry the Cable Guy shows up hours late to get Steven's pad connected.

Within minutes of meeting the Cable Guy we quickly come to the conclusion that he is not all there as he feels the walls of Steven's apartment looking for the sweet spot. After he completely rearranges Steven's apartment for better reception the Cable Guy agrees to hook him up with free premium channels and a friendship is born. Not quite sure how to say no, Steven agrees to accompany the Cable Guy to learn more about the satellites that make the cable service work.

After the two get to know each other better we learn that the Cable Guy goes by the name of Chip Douglas and we get a glimpse of his not so great childhood. Steven finds it a bit odd how much Chip knows about his life and his ex girlfriend Robin Harris (Leslie Mann). Chip sees a friendship opportunity with Steven if he can help get the two of them back together so he tries his best to provide his services.

One of the funniest scenes of the film occurs when Chip shows up during a pickup basketball game with Steven and his friends. The group is not quite sure how to take Chip with his tight shorts, tank-top and mouth guard as Chip takes the game far too serious. The game ends when Chip smashes the backboard with one of his power dunks.

The movie takes a bit of a dark spin when Steven starts pushing Chip away when he realizes that he is not stable. Chip is so upset with how Steven is ignoring him that he starts tampering with his relationships and his work life. When Steven puts the pieces together he decides to do some research on Chip and finds out more than he had bargained for. Chip ended up being a delusional con-man who was so messed up from childhood that he couldnt cope with real life.

Unfortunately for Carrey the Cable Guy was not one of his best films. Although he played the character of Chip Douglass brilliantly the writing and storyline of the film were a bit more than comedy fans were ready for. If you are looking for funny scenes this movie is full of them but don't look for a great story.

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