Exclusive Offer Samsung PN50B550: For a Limited Time: Save $$

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The Samsung PN50B550 plasma HDTV grabs people notice even when you're not watching home tv. Its unique Touch of Colorâ„¢ design inclines Samsung into a admirable work of art when 1080p high definition turns pictures to movie-like picture condition.


In addition e-panel technology enables man see clear, blur-free action packed sport events and films. Use a very representative, enchanting film evening with friendsusing SAMSUNG plasma HDTV.

Enjoy dazzling, movie-like scenery in complete high definition resolution. Full high-definition pictures are brilliant, specificand crystal clear. Exclusive clarity and resolution bring first class imagequality what takes your home movie watching to new level.
SAMSUNG's PN50B550 e-panel technology ensures customers have admirable picture quality. FilterBrightâ„¢ minimizes glare and reflections for super watching all time. 600Hz Subfield Motion of Samsung PN50B550 brings a crystal image for sports, action, and any fast-moving scenes. And .001ms response time reduces blurring. 1080p Full HD Motion of Samsung PN50B550 delivers improved resolution during faster action whereas Mega Dynamic Contrast ratio makes profound blacks and enhanced color.

Samsung PN50B550's 50 inches of 1080p Full HD picture performance causes it the ideal living room art . The great Touch of ColorTM technology brings a exquisite clear-to-charcoal gray accent to the sets bezel. Have fun dazzling, movie-like pictures in Full HD resolution. Samsung PN50B550's breakthrough ultra dynamic contrast ratio offers a more sharp color tonal range, more intense blacks and shadow specifics. The new E-Panel technology showing our unique FiterBrightTM design minimize glare in light areas and brings a better picture whereas using less energy.
Picture: the blacks are pure black and action shows no blurs or pixelation anywhere. Glare is most time apparent when the set is off, but I must admit Transformers looked best in a flat room.
Experience Full 1080p performance on Samsung new PN50B550 plasma HDTVs that are friendly on the environment and easy on the wallet.
Seeking to meet anyone's need to minimize electricity and savethe environment, Samsung PN50B550 ensured that this new release meets the U.S. government's requirements for ENERGY STAR qualification.

Our reviews
I visited a bro's home last Monday and I believethis Samsung PN50B550 was the TV he used. He had just got it and OMG what a super TV. Have to admit I'm now looking to see how I could order this new hot release. Crisp picture and sound, extremely easy to manipulate and thestylewas out of this world. He said he was totally astonished he bought the new hot Samsung PN50B550 and approved it so now I cant wait to have it."
Samsung TV was easy to setup and to toggle between sources of input. Color and Definition are admirable. Sound is first-class. admirable picture of Samsung PN50B550 in low light or normal light. Decorous style is very charming even when Samsung PN50B550 TV is turned off. breathtaking quality for the bargain prize."

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