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Being addicted is a horrible situation. It takes over your mind and purpose, the more you have the more you want. So it is with Damages, the TV series that has allowed Glenn Close to receive an Emmy and Golden Globe for her starring role. Close is not the only one on Damages so honored. Many of the actors, creators, and writers on Damages have been recognized for their outstanding work.

A high profile lawyer from Hewes and Associates, the revered and reviled Patty Hewes, is played by Glenn Close. Whether loved or loathed, Close plays her role with a brilliant relish. Here appears Ellen Parsons, portrayed by actress Rose Byrne, who is a newly-minted graduate that turned down lucrative offers from other firms for an opportunity to work with Patty Hewes. They have very different personalities, and neither likes being told what to do. Several incredible performances are given as the characters progress through the story.

The creators of Damages use innovative techniques to intersperse past events, the present, and the future in a unique presentation that just simply works. If you miss even a minute of this show, you are likely to miss a key plot development. You need to stay alert in order to follow the twists in the plot. And it's important to be observant. Closely observe the neck of Saffron's shirt at the same time Ray Fiske does in the first episode, for example. A character might appear briefly, then return, assuming you remember him or her. You should be aware that at least one person you like will be gone. From show to show you'll never know who will make it to next week. There are thirteen programs in the first season, and some of the best actors will likely not be in the second season, except in flashbacks.

Will I continue to be addicted to Damages? Can the writers keep coming up with such great material? Will there be further plot twists, enough for yet one or two more seasons with sufficient mystery? We can only wish. If you love Damages like I do, make sure you tune in every week so we can keep this tremendous show on the air and going strong for years to come.

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