Emergency Message System: How Efficient It Is

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The Emergency Message System is your friend in need. And this friend has a megaphone in hand to inform many other friends at the same time! Let me explain. During an emergency, be it a natural disaster like a hurricane or a man-made calamity like a building on fire, your first thoughts run to your near one. Are they safe? Are they anywhere near the eye of the danger? Because you cannot call up all of them and check up without wasting precious time, your first instinct is to broadcast a blanket message for everyone on your cell phone’s speed dial. But commoners cannot have the radio or TV at their disposal! So they have to depend on personal networks like phones or email. Emergency Message System has the back-up that you need at this hour.

The features of Emergency Message System are effective as well as easy to use. To initiate the process, you have to visit the website emergencymessagesystem.com. Sign up for subscription and pay the network through your preferred mode of payment. When your payments are cleared, you will be allowed to use your account. You begin using the account by enlisting 10 contact numbers on your address book. You can use phone numbers and email ids. When the phone numbers do not work, Emergency Message System will contact your close one through email. It must be told here that during crises, the channels of communication may not always be clearly available. Emergency Message System does not claim that it can reach out your message in such cases. There’s no legal binding that the message will reach across, because the external factors are not within the control of Emergency Message System.

While using Emergency Message System, you must not feel that this is a substitute for the 911 answering service. When in threat, medical or otherwise, you must call 911 for help. Coming back to Emergency Message System, you will be able to send out 5 emergency alerts in a month. There will be no change in the monthly charges that you have to pay. The monthly subscription remains the same no matter how long you are part of the network. There is no legal binding on you. You can discontinue the services of Emergency Message System without having to pay anything extra. You might wonder why you need Emergency Message System when you can easily make a few calls and inform everyone you need to. The answer is simple: you have to think of a time when the crisis is about to hit you and your close ones. Will you have the presence of mind to remember to inform everyone you want to? Emergency Message System ensures that you do!

Phoneticom Emergency Message System provides you with a broadcasting system to reach out your message to your near ones. Visit Phoneticomemergencymessagesystem and become a subscriber today.

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