Do You Want to Find the Permanent Hair Colour?

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Permanent hair colour stays in your hair for longer period and cannot be washed out, although it may fade and needs frequent touch ups for newer growth of hair. Those who use permanent hair color for their hair have to go for regular monthly or six-weekly coloring to maintain their hair color and eliminate hair with natural color growing at half an inch per month from the scalp. As you cannot get rid of permanent hair colour through washing it out so it is difficult to make changes if you don’t like the results. Hence, you should be careful before choosing permanent hair colour for your hair.

Permanent hair coloring is followed in two parts: first, the hair is bleached, and then the color is applied. Permanent hair colour products generally contain an oxidizing agent and alkalizing agent ammonia. When alkalizing agent combines with the oxidizing agent generally hydrogen peroxide, it becomes alkine. Then it diffuses through hair fiber and enters the cortex of hair where melanin is located. Hydrogen peroxide breaks up the melanin and replaces it with the new color. It lightens hair’s natural pigment to form a new base and permanently alter the hair color.

Permanent hair coloring is usually recommended to men or women with a great deal of grey hair. With the frequent touch ups of permanent hair colour, grey hair are completely covered. It is also recommended for those who want to change their natural hair colour, go blond or lighten their hair colour. Many times, a hair makeover through permanent hair color damages quality of hair. It is important to use only good brand of hair colour products and take advice from professional hair experts before changing your hair colour through permanent hair colors. Whether you are trying permanent or semi permanent colour, it is better to choose a natural looking shade that compliments your skin tone and personality.

Tips and tricks to make your hair colour effective

• Do not wash your hair at least 24 hours and if possible 48 hours after coloring. Also limit washing your colored hair to three times a week for better care of your hair color.

• Protect your hair from ultra violet rays. Make sure to use hats, scarves and sunscreens. Over exposure to harmful ultra violate rays damages your hair quality and hair colour also fades away.

• Wash hair with either cold or lukewarm water. Avoid hot water as it reduces ability to retain hair colour.

• Use good quality shampoo and colour enhancing conditioners specially created for colour treated hair. Conditioners help to restore moisture and luster to hair.

• If you are regular swimmer make sure to wet your hair with bottled spring water before getting into the chlorine pool.

• Regular trims make your hair look fresh, maintained and healthier. A hair colour complimented with trimmed or elegant hair cut will make your hair color stand out.

• Avoid wrapping towel turban over your wet hair as it can damage your hair. It is better to carefully blot hair dry.

• In order to maintain colour and quality of hair, many post colour treatments such as hair mask, hot oil treatments etc. are provided by professionals to moisturize and protect your hair colour from fading.
Whether you want to decide hair colour that suits you the best or want to apply hair colour, it is always beneficial to take help of professionals to get best colour and best care for your hair.

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