DISH Network vs. DirecTV: Check out this comparison!

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In order to spend time in enjoyment you must be looking for the best TV provider and thus have a ball. Chuck aside cable service and shop around only for Satellite TV. Even then you will come across a dilemma regarding making the right choice. DISH Network vs DirecTV- which one is the best? Although DirecTV no doubt, is the age old Satellite TV provider which display a huge customer base of over 18 million people but if you compare it with DISH Network you will see that DISH provides better value in every sense. Although DISH Network service has been launched few years after the introduction of DirecTV, it soon gained expertise in bringing innovation of programs and special offers and services. Do you want to know more? Just have a look in the following:

First of let us take the price factor and do a comparative analysis. Although both DirecTV and DISH Network air programs more or less on similar subjects like news, musical programs etc, difference lies in its pricing. Let me elucidate this point in details. Suppose you buy DISH America package, the most economic DISH bundle, you can bring home more than sixty channels and they all are in HD technology mode. And the pack is priced just $24.99 per month after agreement. Whereas if you subscribe to lowest pack of DirecTV you have to pay more, that is to say, $29.99 per month after a rebate with 24 month agreement.

Are you a movie buff? Then you have every reason to opt the DISH Network packages on movies. Starting from latest arrivals of Hollywood to the award winning flicks you can watch them at various channels of DISH Network. DISH Platinum channel brings you over 2500 movies at $10/Mo. So far as DirecTV is concerned it lags far behind than that of DISH Network. DIRECTV Cinema Plus brings less than 1000 Movies and charges almost $100/Mo for complete access to them.

Plus in case of international programming also DISH Network has a better say then its competitor. In other words DISH TV has a better HD channel line up than DirecTV. With DISH Network you can choose more than 200 DISH HD channels in as many as twenty eight foreign languages. Although DirecTV offers few international channels but number is much less than that of DISH TV Network. Also in matters of cost and variety in programs DISH Network programming for international community is the best option in your hand.

Secondly, subscribe to the service of DISH and avail DISH Network discounts like never before. Get free Blockbuster for 3 Months, free HD DVR and what more. You can also pick one premium free for three months at a stretch. Also avail HD Free for Life and for that you require Agreement, AutoPay with Paperless Billing. However DirecTV is yet to come up with such lucrative offers for all its viewers.

Buying DISH Network deals is always lucrative and DISH Network vs DirecTV comparative study has proved it in specific terms.

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