Dish Network – Record, Pause and Rewind with DVR

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True, you have rightly understood, with perfect satellite television receivers, subscribers of DISH Network now enjoy added advantage of Digital Video Recording (DVR), a fully featured device. One of the premier satellite TV providers in the United States of America, DISH has offered this facility to its customers, which has created ripples across the country.

With quality television pictures and sound, the company is also offering you the freedom to record your favorite programs and watch them later in your free time. Isn’t this exciting? There are no more tensions of missing your programs on different channels that are aired at the same time. You can record a record while watching another.

Claimed to be the best pick among the DVRs is the DISH Network’s the ViP 922 receiver, which is one of the most respected in the technological field. Equipped with some of the advanced features, you will be taken by surprise if you get DISH Network subscription right now. Yes, you can make the most of the subscription by becoming an esteemed customer of DISH, as you will be able to watch television anytime and anywhere!

This specific DVR has 1 TB (terabyte) hard drive to record almost anything that you love, which is indeed the largest in the world of television; and finest UI (user interface). This HD SlingLoaded receiver can be connected to a single HD television with built-in popular sling technology that will help you to view your favorite shows and programs on a mobile or on computer. Indeed, the ViP 922 is the only DVR among forms of DVRs that enables you to watch television anywhere. The same ‘live’ program or a show can be watched on your mobile phone or PC with ease. Even the recorded shows can be played on computers and mobiles.

Moreover, you can watch a show and record the other at the same time or you can even record two shows together, while you are enjoying another pre-recorded show. This is really amazing and superb, for now you easily watch a sitcom and record a ‘live’ concert to watch it later. This is not the end! You can ‘pause’ and ‘rewind’ any ‘live’ program, in case you have to answer the door bell or a phone call and resume viewing from where you left.

So, in case you are away from home and want to watch your favorite sitcom or a ‘live’ match, then you can watch it anywhere, if you have Digital Video Recorder, which is available with DISH Network. What is more interesting about DVR is its wonderful graphical interface, which is extremely user-friendly. You will not find any difficulty in browsing through the program guide and other options in order to watch television. The layout is easy-to-read and makes even an elderly to switch to his or her favorite channel in no time.

You can watch hit and latest Hollywood movies; view a pool of sports channels, Geographic channel, Kids’ Discovery, and a lot more. Moreover, HBO and Showtime is offered absolutely free for 3 months and you save $15 every month, if you subscribe to DISH Network. So, bring home happiness with DISH.

DISH Network, the leading satellite TV provider in the United States offers a range of packages for its viewers. Moreover, the high quality DISH Receiver helps to bring livelier picture and crystal-clear sound to make your TV experience a special one.

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