Diet Menus-- Suggestions for a Healthy Diet

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If you are considering losing those extra pounds by enrolling in or purchasing one of those fad diet programs there are a few things that you need to know about diets and diet menus. Regulating your diet and losing weight is as simple as "burn more calories than you consume." For an active adult, the recommended caloric intake is about 2,000 calories a day. Combined with a regular exercise program, sticking to this plan can and will go a long way to help you shed those extra pounds. The menu suggestions below are just suggestions to help you achieve your dietary goals in a healthy, balanced and positive manner without depriving your body of the elements that it needs to thrive.
Because breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, concentrating on keeping out all the fats, sugars and starches and replacing them with more protein and fiber is vital. Oatmeal, cream of wheat, bran cereals (sugarless), bananas, a couple of eggs, and a couple of slices of whole grain bread or tortillas are a much healthier choice that cereals loaded with sugars. If you are the type who likes a midmorning snack keep it limited to fruit or non fat yogurt.

Lunch, or dinner, depending on where you live, ideally should consist of lean meat, grilled (NOT fried) chicken, preferably skinless, a couple of slices of whole grain bread with on pat of butter, lettuce salad with a couple slices of tomato and green beans. Keep the levels of saturated fats to a minimum while keeping your levels of good cholesterol, proteins at their proper levels.
The last meal of the day is as important as the first but for different reasons. At breakfast you are recharging after you fast (Break fast), and need to keep your meals regulated. At dinner, which is the heaviest meal of the day for most people, you are loading up with proteins and carbohydrates that will give you body the tools it needs to replenish after a long day. Pasta is good, which a couple of spoons of parmesan cheese and a small salad, or even a t-bone steak. Keep both meals proportionate however to your real need, and make sure that any red meat that you ingest is lean.
There are quite a number of prepared meals at your local supermarket, like Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, etc. that have about 350 calories each. If you use these and don't get full enough, eat some raw or steamed vegetables as a snack.

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