Dialing International Numbers

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Dialing International Numbers

Dialing International Numbers is straightforward when you know what to do. To begin, you have to get the international call prefix. This number or code permits you to dial outside of the country you are calling from and is distinctive to that country.

The Dialing Method

When you initial hear a dial tone, you dial in the country prefix code

The next code you will need is the country code of the country you're calling. For some countries, the country code changes if you are calling a mobile phone or a fixed phone. Some counties have various country codes based on state,county or region. A country code could be anywhere from 1 to three digits.

Once you might have the prefix number as well as the country code you then dial the area or city code. This too might be anywhere from 1 to three digits.

And finally, the last number you enter is the local number of the party you are calling

Here can be a step by step run by means of of all the actions:

Step 1: Dial International Call Prefix

Step 2: Dial Country Code

Step 3: Dial City Code (region code)

Step 4: Dial Local Number

So let's say you're attempting to call a local number in Bayonne ,France, from Boston, MA .The US prefix is 011 when dialing from inside the USA. The country code for France is 33 . The city code (or region code) for Paris is 05 . This is all of the information we will need. To make the call, we would dial:

(Prefix) 011 (Country code) 33 (Region Code) 05 (Local Number) 62 01 02 03

As you are able to see we dial the international call prefix 011, followed by the country code 33, then the area code 05, and then the local number 62 01 02 03. It's that basic.

Saving Cash On International Calls

Once you know how to make an international call, is there a way of figuring out the best way to make the cheapest call?

Making an international call can be very expensive if you do not use the correct calling card.

Some cards charge more than others to some countries and lower rates to other countries. So you would like to discover a card that consistently has the lowest rates.

Make a point of searching at several and for as low as $5 to $10 dollars you'll be able to check out and split test two or 3. Some cards will give you a free promotional package to begin and test.

Begin there first.

For information on dialing international numbers visit http://HowToMakeAnInternationalCall.com.

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