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Malcolm X is one of the Denzel Washington movies that almost everyone has heard of and seen. In this biographical motion picture, Denzel portrays the life and death of Malcolm X. If anyone has ever seen old clips of the real Malcolm Little, who became known as Malcolm X, you can see that Denzel truly became Malcolm X. From his appearance, walk, talk and mannerisms, you forget that you are watching a talented actor portray this historical figure. Apparently I'm not the only who thinks so as this compelling film has earned Denzel multiple awards and nominations. | starts | commencements} and speedily goes a leader in New York's crime and drug scenery. This ascent of success goes to a large amount of wealth. But even with the newfound wealth , Lucas stays on conservative in dress and style. American Mobster is a story of organized crime, including the Italian Maffia , drugs, wildness and police force corruption. Eventually, Lucas's successes of being a crime and drug world beater catches up with him as he watches his empire fall apart. To save himself from a heavy prison house judgment of conviction he must do the unthinkable.

Fallen has received numerous convinced pic reviews . This is a picture that will appeal to audiences who love the supernatural as well as crime dramas. The moving picture gets down with investigator John Hobbes, played by Denzel Washington. He has had identification for capturing psychopath and serial killer Edgar Reese. Reese has been doomed to death row and everyone thinks that the killing is over. But at one time it's time for Reese's slaying, Detective Hobbes gains that there may be more to this case than he gained - much more.

Maybe Reese isn't as evil and sanguinary as everyone believed. Maybe the executions were not actually committed by him, but by someone or something that took control of him. When Hobbes takes his last walk, he starts singing the Rolling Stones vocal, "Time Is on My Side." This song will be a new clue in assisting Detective Hobbes track down the slayer who is committing a new roseola of aper murders . Who's the killer? A daemon by the name of Azazel who can body hop into somebodies by touch solo . Denzel does a bully task presenting a investigator in this difficult to catch case . Simply he and a female theological system teacher know the truth of supernatural wickedness that they are upwards against. The conclusion is completely unexpected and Denzel plays the last theatrical role of Detective Hobbes flawlessly.

Conducted to a beauty salon owner and Pentecostal Minister, Denzel has a little something in common with his characters. He came up from humble beginnings and look at him now.

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