CSI NY Episodes: an american police procedural crime scene investigation series

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New York City never sleeps is the theme portrayed by CSI: NY episodes. Those who are familiar with the famous CSI series must be aware of its spin offs titled CSI: NY and CSI: Miami. CSI: NY gained immense popularity as a sequel to the CSI. This refreshing investigative series is liked by fans who love the detective genre.

The investigations conducted by the forensic scientists of New York City are quite awesome and interesting. People get addicted to each episode as the mystery behind each murder and crime is slowly unveiled by these masterminds. Another popular feature of the show is its hit theme song titled "Baba O'Riley", which was sung by The Who. In fact, the theme songs of all the three CSI shows were sung by The Who. Those who listen to this amazing sound track get tempted for a CSI NY download.

Another interesting fact about the series is that the lead role was turned down by both Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta and was ultimately bagged by Gary Sinise. The actual filming of the show has been done in Los Angles with only the skylines being shot at New York.

Among all the three CSI series, CSI: NY episodes are the grittiest as the cases in this show seem to be real. The audience feels as if the cases have been inspired from the newspapers and tends to believe in them. Fans are also crazy about the high-tech science utilized to solve the cases. As compared to the other series, this show is quite intense as it involves some dangerous piece of work by the police.

The five detectives involved in the series mostly travel within the city to cover all the five boroughs. But sometimes their work tends to take them outside the city. The show has dealt with all sorts of issues ranging from very sensitive ones like the HIV infection to more general ones like gang violence, mob activity and ability, cultural and ethnic differences.

Initially the show was not that much popular. This may be due to the fact that most of the filming was done using a blue light, which gave a dark appearance to the episodes. But its popularity soared once the team started working on really interesting cases. However, after the second season started, the series was discontinued by the CBS President due to some unknown reasons.

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