Creating crisp letters on pique is difficult and the absolute worst is small serif letters

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Fill underlay can best be described as a light density fill, normally running perpendicular to the top stitch. The fill underlay anchors the target fabric to the backing and is the best way to reduce the push and pull factor so common to fill areas. It also lifts the top stitches up and allows a much less dense fill to be applied. This is the best way to prevent your designs from suffering from "bullet proof" fill areas. Underlays are no different than top stitches, other than they are underneath serving their purpose. The underlay for a fill area is a lighter density fill underneath the top stitch fill. A zig zag underlay is simply a lighter density satin column below the top satin column it supports. The density of a underlay object can be adjusted up or down just like the top stitches they support. Donít get carried away and think youíre going to place all the underlay in a word at one time, and then switch your mind into "satin stitch" mode for the cover stitches. I have seen this tendency most often in script lettering because of the continuous flow of script, where the designer placed all the enter run underlay from left to right, then worked his way back from right to left, before beginning to place the top stitches. The problem with this is, garments shift in their hoops and on finished caps, the curve of the cap causes distortion and by the time the tops stitches are placed, they don't line up with the underlay. It is more accurate and efficient to place the underlay for each letter as you create the letter. The newest technology does not need for a person to get themselves a new machine but to easily download a new software design for embroidery that is offered online with a cheaper cost. Many of the software designed for embroidery lets a person change an image in digital form to a pattern for embroidery that can be uploaded on the machine. In embroidery digitizing industry, the quality of embroidered products depends on the quality of digitizing, so it becomes important factor that digitizing should be of top quality. If your embroidery product is good, you can have new clients as well as you can retain old client and the word of mouth advertising also works if you are providing good services.

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