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Online calendar and event platform let you create, share and manage all your events and calendars from one platform.

Online calendar and event platform

Dayhaps is an online calendar and event platform. You can create online calendars very easy after you registered for free. By creating multiple calendars you can separate and manage your events in a clear view. The platform has a width range of events and calendar options for the experienced user but if you just need the basics the experienced features won't bother you.

Invite friends and family for events

When you create a new Hap (event) and you want to invites others then you can do it fast and easy. Just create your new Hap and select contacts to invite them. When you don't have contacts in your Dayhaps account you can add new ones by filling in their email addresses. After selecting the contacts you hit send and your contacts will receive an invitation. When your contacts receive the invitations you will be notified after they accepted them or when they decline them. In case you make changes to the Hap later then all your invitees will be notified.

Follow your favorite calendars

Dayhaps has the option to search for events and calendars where ever you are. When you have for example a sport team which you would like be posted on then you can follow it. By following calendars the events from those calendars will be visible in your own calendar and if any change occurs you (and all other followers) will be automatically and directly been notified.

Mobile online calendar

The platform is available on any device (tablet, mobile and desktop). When you login on any device it will automatically synchronize and all your events will be available.

Ideas for the online calendar

When you have ideas for the online calendar you can email the team and our experience is that they react very fast. If you have good feedback then your idea might be available for use soon.

Take a look at the online calendar and event platform Dayhaps by going to

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