Craving Hollywood Hair? What Beauty Treatments Really Work.

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When weíre flicking through magazines looking at pictures of our favourite celebrities itís hard not to let the green eyed monster take hold. We often find ourselves wondering why our legs, or our faces and bodies, do not match up to theirs. Damn their fabulous genetics, but one thing that we really envy is their hair. Their magnificent manes, their lustrous locks and their bouncing barnets are all gorgeous, and all seemingly beyond our reach. Itís an issue of regular jealousy as we tug at our tresses in the morning, wondering why our hair is not perfect like Cheryl Coleís, or why God did not give us Megan Fox Hair. To the rescue come a multitude of different hair treatments that promise to preen us to perfection, but what works? And what will have us thinking a Bowl Cut is a better state of hair-fairs... (Sorry- love a pun!)...?

One treatment that is making waves in salons across the UK is the Brazilian Blow Dry. It works by having pure keratin injected into your tresses. The substance exists naturally in nails, skin and hair, meaning the process is set to nourish your lucks, and repair the bad treatment youíve inflicted on them. The treatment is left on for 30 minutes or so, depending on your hair type, as your hair soaks up all that keratiney goodness. To lock in lustre and shine special keratin straighteners are used, leaving your hair super soft and enviably sleek. After just one session your hair is left looking gorgeous for up to four months afterwards, definitely worth the cash.

Also to avoid Rat Tail Hairrat tail hair itís important to have trims on a regular basis, helping to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy. It will also bring you one step closer to your favourite starlets as letís face it, they change their hair on a weekly basis Ė the lucky so and soís. Having a Megan Fox hairstyle seems relatively low maintenance, compared to say that of Victoria Beckham, as hers is generally just dark and lustrous, the length hardly varies. However, this is not to say achieving her locks is an easy feat! Head to your local salon, such as Hairways BasildonHairways Basildon, and ask what would work best for your mane, getting you one step closer to the hair you covet!

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