Correct Eating Habits Are Good for Skin Care

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It is very simple to protect skins, for you just need to remember the following six tips. Although these six tips are small, people will have improved skin situation if they could consist doing for several months.

Habit One: Drink one cup of boiled water in the morning and evening. The first cup of water in the body is beneficial to clear intestines and supplement the lost moisture at night. The second cup of water in the evening could ensure that the blood will not be sticky because of water deficiency. The sticky blood will accelerate the anoxia of brain, the pigment deposition and advanced aging. So, the function of drinking water every night should not be underestimated.

Habit Two: Eat a tomato every day. Among all fruits and vegetables, tomato contain the highest vitamin C. Therefore, eating one tomato every day could satisfy the vitamin C need of a whole day.

Habit Three: Drink a cup of vinegar. If you like eating vinegar, you can add the vinegar in three meals every day to delay the occurrence of arteries hardening, which is the repeated health knowledge. If the water texture of your residence is hard, you can add a little vinegar into the face washing water to nourish your skins.

Habit Four: Have a cup of yogurt. From the perspective of supplementing calcium, women are most likely to have calcium deficiency, and the calcium supplement efficiency of milk is better than any other foods. Especially yogurt is easy to be absorbed by human body. Therefore, women should guarantee one cup of yogurt every day.

Habit Five: Buy a bottle of mineral water. You may wonder what you could do with a bottle of mineral water. Here I do not ask you to drink it up but using it to apply on face. The mineral water should be real because the trace element and minerals containing in it are essential to skins. Dip clean gauze into mineral water; apply it on face; when the gauze becomes dry, wet it again to apply on face. By repeating this action, it equals to supplement trace element for your facial skins.

Habit Six: Use a tea bag in drinking every day. If there is nothing wrong with the stomach, it is better to choose green tea and oolong tea. To women who want to lose weight, tea is the most natural and most effective method, because the clearing intestine fat of tea is the best.

The result will be obvious if you could obey my above methods. Skins need dedicate maintenance, so the above tips should never be ignored.

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