Corporate Call Forwarding Solutions

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Call forwarding and virtual phone numbers provide companies with numerous benefits including an edge in sales and marketing as well as portability. Call forwarding involves establishing local or international phone numbers in the cities and countries that your company serves and then directing calls to those virtual numbers to another phone number such as your corporate call center. Doing so allows you to reach local and global markets, increase sales, and route your calls to just about any location in the world. Best of all, adding a virtual number is far less expensive than alternative strategies such as setting up physical locations.

Virtual Phone Numbers as a Marketing Tool
One of the best ways to put a call forwarding service to work for your company is to use it as part of your marketing efforts. Whether you need to publish local numbers in markets inside or outside of your home country, establishing a “local” phone number for your customers to dial is a smart localization strategy. Consumers like doing business with companies with local presences. By creating a local number and using global call forwarding to route the calls to your office, you will have an advantage over companies that do not offer local phone numbers. If your company is entering a foreign market, set up and advertise an international toll free number as part of your marketing efforts.

Virtual Phone Numbers as a Sales Tool
International call forwarding can increase sales as well as position your company as one with a local presence. By using an international toll free number instead of one requiring long distance connections (and tolls paid by your customers), you can expect more phone calls. Consumers around the world are conscious of long distance charges and hesitant to call non-local numbers. When you provide an international phone number that’s specific to the customer’s country, you are taking away that excuse not to call. Since you are paying for the phone call, customers are more likely to call you. This gives you more opportunities to increase your company’s sales and serve your international customers.

Virtual Phone Numbers as a Portable Call Forwarding Solution
In addition to enhancing your sales and marketing initiatives, virtual phone numbers are extremely portable. If you need to adjust the way the calls are routed, you can easily change the phone call forwarding destination to a new number. For example, if you have a call center located in Florida and another located in California and a hurricane forces your Florida call center to shut down for a few days, you can change the call forwarding service to forward those calls to your California call center and avoid a major service interruption. Some call forwarding service providers even offer “time of day” forwarding which allows you to route calls to different phone numbers based on the time of day the calls are made.

A virtual number is also ideal for executives who travel frequently. Because cell phone call forwarding is typically limited to domestic phone numbers and because cell phones don’t always work in other countries, reaching executives abroad is tricky. By establishing a domestic virtual number, forwarding the call to that number, and then routing the virtual phone number to an inexpensive, disposable cell phone purchased in the destination country, cell phone calls can be routed internationally and your executives will always be in reach.

Virtual phone numbers, international toll free numbers, and call forwarding combine to create corporate solutions for sales, marketing, and portability. Whether you need to localize a new market, increase sales, or minimize disruptions, call forwarding is an affordable solution., a telecommunications service provider, offers an international call forwarding service on a month-to-month basis. With global virtual phone numbers for over 79 countries, month-to-month service plans, low rates, free features, real-time call forwarding changes, and quality connections, AITelephone’s call forwarding service can’t be beat.

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