Copper Streaks

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Copper Streaks is a playful, whimsical piece that utilizes the same shape across the canvas but is continually reinventing it so the piece stays interesting in every inch of the canvas and with every brush stroke. The brush strokes combined in this piece are executed in a number of different and interesting ways- from simple think lines, to very delicate faint lines laying on top of a simple background make this a unique piece of artwork. This painting uses natural colors that are soothing but bold when combined with each other. The viewer is drawn to the canvas that portrays muted colors that are calming and will keep the viewer intrigued. The blue background is light but allows the subject lines to stand out. The repeated lines of the canvas make it all the more powerful and provocative as well as bold against the backdrop. This painting has an overwhelmingly calm vibe to it that is given a dark, somber edge making it very interesting and conversation worthy. The layering of lines and colors also add a multi-layered feeling that makes the viewer feel as if they could just fall into the buoyant world of this original painting!

Copper Streaks comes on three panels of high quality canvas. It's medium size is the perfect way to display the material at work in this piece. A larger canvas might become overwhelmed with the zany lines and amazingly bold colors, and a smaller one would not do the subject justice. In addition, the multiple canvas display allows the shapes to have a unity that befits them. This piece is wild enough to be incorporated into any busy room, yet understated enough with it's somewhat muted background color to be placed in a room with more traditional decorations. Regardless of your d�cor, this piece makes an extravagant, classy addition to any room and will grab the interest of anyone who happens to pass through. If you would like to find more pieces as playful and pioneering as this one, considering taking a moment to browse the Animal Canvas section, where you will find warm colors and elegant shapes like those of this piece. One original canvas painting that you will want to view if you enjoy Copper Streaks is Light Mirrors, that will engage you in a similar manner.

Copper Streaks

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