Conserve old photos as prints on canvas

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Some of the best paintings which rose to great fame are now available as print on canvas. The new technology of printing has developed methods to keep the old painting of great artists alive in form of replicas true to the original. It is very difficult for an inexperienced person to distinguish the original and the replica as they have such close resemblance. The strength of the canvas may give away the old one as time may have caused weakness to the fabric. There is great opposition to the replication of these art works as the traditionalist fear that the exclusivity of the painting is lost, and it would become a common piece of decoration. The other side of the argument is that the works on the verge of disintegration have got a surge of new life in the form of prints on canvas. They take the argument further to say that the work would go into oblivion once the original painting is totally destroyed.

One has to be careful before ordering for prints on canvas regarding the type of canvas to be used. There are many different types of canvas. The fineness and the texture of the canvas can change the whole look of the final result. Linen and cotton are two different types of canvas. Linen is slightly more expensive as compared to cotton. The choice of the canvas is also dependent on the type of desired outcome. Both are very good for art work replication. Inferior varieties of canvas may not last long. The ink used for printing promises a long life of hundred years. The improved quality of ink is of no use if the canvas does not promise a life of more than hundred years. Make sure that printing on canvas is done with superfine quality archival ink for long lasting radiance. Do not shy away from asking questions regarding the type of ink the printer would use. The ink should be pigment based and UV protected. The lasting effect of print can be ensured only when proper care has been taken while choosing the medium and the ink. Finally the care one takes for the up keep of the print decides the longevity of the print on canvas. It is not just the art works that are printed on canvas.

Printing photos on canvas has picked up popularity. There is a great rush to get some of the old photographs transformed into canvas prints. To surprise a friend or a family member photographs which they treat as treasure can be printed on canvas and presented as a gift. The joy they would experience is unmatched. A special occasion can be made everlasting by gathering all the photographs of the day and turning them into a collage on canvas. Some of the old muddy looking photographs can be used to create a canvas.

About: As the digital image of these photos can be doctored to bring out the radiant under lying picture and then convert them into canvas prints.

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