Conference Call Providers - Eradicating the Barriers of Communication

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Conference call providers are companies that provide the general public with the conference call facility. They are essential in today’s day and age as communication is of prime importance to initiate and carry forward business. The main objective of these providers is to offer a service that is efficient, safe, effective, fast and reliable – all at the best rate possible. The major providers of conference calling in the world are AT&T Connect, WebEx, Spider phone etc.

Free conference calling is the most widely used form of international conference communication apart from conference chatting. Here, applications like Gtalk, Skype, and Rondee etc. are used to connect two or more users onto one single call. No charges are levied to any of the parties. This form of communication is extremely effective for business organizations that have branches all over the world and even for individuals who have business interests around the world as they can communicate with each other using just a computer and an internet connection.

Internet video conferencing is a service provided by conference call providers and is a widely used mode of communication by individuals as well as companies to converse with each other when physical presence becomes difficult. Here, all the parties in the conference can see and hear each other on the screens provided and can have a live meeting and discuss affairs. The providers of this service offer high speed connections which guarantee an uninterrupted live feed without any glitches or stops during the call. Various added options and services are available depending on the package and provider.

Phone conferencing is a method of communication used by 2 or more parties to converse with one another using a telephone or mobile phone. Here, the parties can hear each other but cannot see each other. The person making the call has the option of adding people into the current call. This service is provided by any of the cellular service providers free of charge and can be accessed using most mobile phones.

The most widely offered conference call services by conference call providers as of today are audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing. The service one gets is totally dependant on the package one has opted for. Audio conferencing is the cheapest and video conferencing is comparatively costlier due to added technology used. Web conferencing is internet based and hence is not very costly. These services enable people from around the world to connect and discuss matters at the click of a button.

Conference call providers eradicate the barriers to communication between two or more people who may not be at the same place at the same time and make the communication process easier and more effective with our conference calling services.

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