Common Solar Myths Explained

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As the popularity of home solar power installation grows, certain myths have arisen, regarding the safety, efficiency and the investment potential of solar panels. Luckily, these myths are mostly groundless, perpetuated by those who have a vested interest in non-solar sources of power.

In this article, some of these long standing misconceptions will be explained, allowing you to make an informed decision on solar power.

Myth 1 : Solar panels will damage my roof

Commonly, ‘on-roof’ solar panel systems are placed above the tiles on sturdy rails supported by hooks that are robustly attached to the roof’s rafters. This ensures that all the weatherproofing the roof initially had remains intact. And aside from that, any decent contractor can offer assurances and guarantees regarding the safety and durability of the structure. There are some quick fix methods of installing panels, but these methods are not used by MCS accredited installers.

Myth 2 : There’s no point in installing solar panels in the UK, the weather’s too bad!

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whilst it’s fair to say that a home in Dubai would generate more energy than one in Britain, the amount of energy UK based panels produce is still very substantial. It is estimated that half the energy the average British household needs could be provided by solar power.

Myth 3 : Solar panels will reduce the value of my home

While some people are put off by the appearance of solar panels, more buyers are enticed by the promise of cheap electricity. Panels add at least the initial cost of the installation onto the house price, but usually quite a lot more. An increasing number of people are looking to buy energy efficient homes, and a solar powered home definitely fits this description.

Myth 4 : My panels will need to be repaired regularly

Solar panels are surprisingly hardy objects. The often quoted 25 year lifespan is genuine. If they do require repair, most solar companies will provide a fairly extensive warranty. However, they will require cleaning annually, or if you live in an area that naturally has a lot of dust/dirt in the air, then once every few months is a good system to go by. Most window cleaners are willing to give your panels a once over for a small fee. Otherwise, a ladder and a detergent free mop should do the job.

Myth 5 : My panels will lose efficiency over time

This is true, to an extent. However, the industry standard efficiency warranty is 80% over twenty years. This means that if your panels become less than 80% as efficient as they were at the initial installation, then they must be replaced. And the savings made by installing panels far outweigh any drawbacks.

It’s important to remember that a solar installation is an investment first and foremost. An investment not just financially, but in the long term health of the planet. But even if you have no interest in energy efficiency or green issues, then the monetary gain should be enough to persuade you alone. Do your research on the suppliers in your area and you’re sure to find the perfect solar panel plan for you.

Written by Dr Toby Ferenczi, Chief Technology Officer of Engensa. Founded in 2009, Engensa is a leading provider of home energy generation, including the solar panel installation and maintenance. Engensa’s expert team works closely with homeowners to design, finance, install and maintain both free solar panels and investment home solar panels.

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