Christmas Party Games for All Ages

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Christmas is the favorite season for many because it gives families and friends the opportunity to spend time with each other. Christmas party games, delicious holiday foods and gifts exchanges are the norm for this time of year. The entertainment is the best part of the season, especially when the entire family plays Christmas themed party games. Children, parents, and grandparents can all take part in these Christmas games.

What Is In The Stocking?: Take a large Christmas stocking, fill it with the Christmas ornaments and tie the open end with ribbon. Have all the family members sit in a circle, one person gets the stocking and touches it. Each participant is allow 2 minutes and must right down what they think could be in the stocking. The person who garners the greatest number of right answers wins the game, also winning all the treats inside the stocking. This is a great game for older people because it does not require much movement.

Drop The Snowball Game: Drop the Snowball is an interactive game involving grandparents and kids. This is an enjoyable and worthwhile game because it determines how well grandparents and kids work together toward a common goal.

Give a white color ball or Christmas ornament to each pair. Then, place a basket for each pair at the other end of the room with space between each basket. Each pair has to stand back to back with a ball tucked in between their backs. The goal is to move simultaneously towards the basket without the ball or ornament falling. The team that drops the ball or ornament must begin again, and the first team to drop the object in the basket will be declared the winner.

Christmas Charades: Charades is a classic game that everyone has played once before it seems. Instead of the typical charades game, include Christmas related objects (but not obvious ones like Santa Claus and snow).

Frosty the Snowball Toss: Pair the grandchildren and grandparents into teams. Cut out a large cardboard with Frosty drawn on one side with a hole cutout. Use cotton balls wrapped in clear tape to give the effect of snowballs (marshmallows wrapped in plastic wrap are also a good choice). Use a bucket to hold the snowballs and place the cardboard cutout snowman on top of the bucket. Give each team a certain number of throws; the person who throws the most balls inside the basket wins.

Guess That Christmas Carol: Divide teams into groups of two. After playing snippets of each song, have each guest shout or write down their best guess for the title of the song. The group with the correct number of songs wins. Grandparents might claim the advantage in this game, as they are the most familiar with the classic carols of yesteryear.

Have a few extra Christmas party games on hand ready to go. You don't have to play them all. However, be really just in case there is a big lull in the party.


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